2020 – 2021: One for the History Books

We often hear, “That’s one for the history books”, and this past year certainly fits that category. Our kids have been a part of unprecedented times, which has included a global pandemic requiring them to learn from home and be away from friends and teachers.

Who would have ever imagined that we would see a winning football season – in the SPRING? Masks donned and social distance practices in place, our pep-band attended, supported, entertained – and had a lot of fun.

And finally, our concert season (which we were not able to hold last year), provided a new venue in the MP Quad… was a true experience.

That’s one for the history books – our kids (and our families) were part of history – an often-times sad, very challenging time for everyone. Through creativity, passion, and just a strong love for music, our bands continued to learn, grow, and perform throughout these challenging times we will all remember for many years to come.

Please see some of the pictures we were able to grab from our pep band and concert bands this year…. https://myersparkbands.org/galleries/football/, https://myersparkbands.org/galleries/concerts/.