Concert Band

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Our competition season ends in late October or early November, but we continue to support the football team for as long as they are still competing. For me, I transition out of the Drum Major role (at least officially), and focus more on my role as a clarinet player in the Wind Ensemble. I always find it hysterical when marchers (particularly freshmen and sophomores) see me with a clarinet and are incredibly confused; they had never seen me play an instrument before, and it takes a little bit for them to get used to seeing me sitting with them rather than conducting in front of them.

While I must admit, I do enjoy my role as a Drum Major slightly more than a clarinet player, the ability to be a member of a group unified in making music is incredible no matter your position. My favorite memory from the concert band is undoubtedly the day that we performed at the Belk Theater in downtown Charlotte. I never had, and almost certainly never will again, perform on such a large (and intimidating) stage, but looking up at three stories of seats as I played is a memory that I remember vividly and cherish.

— Jennifer

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