Band Life

As a marching band, one of our jobs is to support the football team on Friday nights and contribute to the atmosphere of the games. While we don’t go to every football game, we do attend every home game and some away games. I will admit, the last two years, I have especially loved going to games because it is always fun to be the band of the winning team. As our football team has Read More...
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Band Camp

I still remember my first few days of my first band camp. I was incredibly nervous and intimidated by all of the older kids. When I think back, it’s pretty funny because all of those kids were very nice and welcoming. Some of the people that I was too afraid to talk to my first few days are now people that I consider family. My biggest piece of advice to anyone about to enter band Read More...
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Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer. I am the Senior Drum Major for the 2019 marching season, and this will be my fourth year in the Myers Park Marching Band. I am writing this blog to give new and prospective members a look into the high school band experience. Each blog post will dive into a different aspect of the marching band or concert band experience at Myers Park, and I’ll share stories, logistics, and Read More...
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