Why Join Marching Band

If the first few blog posts were not enough of an endorsement for this program, I wanted to take an entire post to cover my journey of involvement with this group and why I think it is hugely beneficial for anyone that truly commits to it. It’s hard to imagine now, but marching band was a near miss for me. I was adamant in the 8th grade that I did not want to be a … Continue reading Why Join Marching Band

My Favorite Memories

For this blog post, I wanted to recount a few of my favorite memories throughout my four years in this program. Hopefully, they will give you a good idea of what you have to look forward to as a member of the Marching Mustangs! I think my single favorite memory from my final season has to be the day I got pied in the face. Every year the band conducts about 3 main fundraisers to … Continue reading My Favorite Memories

Competition Season

Competition season is one of the main reasons why people come back to marching band again and again. Camaraderie amongst the band and excitement are at its highest. There is a reason why veteran marchers always tell first-years to “just wait for competition season”. Our competitions are on Saturdays and are all-day events. Typically, we rehearse in the mornings just to refresh ourselves with the show and work through any last-minute details that the staff … Continue reading Competition Season