Myers Park High School has an ensemble of award-winning bands. Where that itself is an achievement, the recognition we receive every year would not be attainable without the contribution of our band leaders, but especially from the contribution and leadership of our band members. Below are the awards that are given each year to those band members who exhibit class, leadership, and spirit supporting the growth of themselves and others and upholding the high standards of the bands.

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The John Philip Sousa Award is given each year to our “MVP” – a student who has excelled in multiple aspects of our program, has consistently earned chairs in regional/state honors bands, has demonstrated leadership, kindness, and a willingness to share his/her talent with others, succeeds academically, and who exudes a passion for music. This award is given by high school band programs across the nation, and has been given at Myers Park each year since 1972.


The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award is awarded to a student who excels in the idiom of Jazz. This award is traditional at many high schools nationwide.


The Unsung Hero Award is given to a senior who has consistently and selflessly done the quiet, behind-the-scenes things that contribute to the success of the band program. This award is given in memory of Allan Cooper Dell.


The Spirit of the Band Award is given in memory of Parker Templeton, a band member who lost his life in 1999. This award is given by the previous year’s honoree to a junior each year, thus passing along “The Spirit of the Band.”


The Leonard Bernstein Award for Musicianship and Creativity is a national award given at many high schools. At Myers Park, it is awarded to a student who plays well, but also exhibits creativity through composing, arranging, or visual arts. It is an award to recognize true artistic spirit.


The National School Marching Award goes to a student each year who demonstrates an unquenchable passion for the Marching Arts, outstanding skill on the field, leadership, and service.


The National School Color Guard Award is given each year to a member of the Color Guard who embodies the artistry and pageantry of Color Guard, leadership, and service.


The Strive for Perfection Award recognizes a student who inspires with their perseverance and dedication to the Myers Park Bands. This award was created in honor if current band director Whit Blount to mark his 10th year as director of the Mustang Bands.


The Semper Fi Award is given in recognition of outstanding musicianship, leadership and loyalty to the Myers Park Bands.