Marching Band in 2020!

Dear MPMM families,
Yesterday, principals received a memo regarding when and under what circumstances Marching Band related activities can occur. This is certainly positive news! Before you make a mad dash for the Bus Lot with your horn in hand, let me lay out some specifics of the memo and steps we’ll be taking over the next few weeks. 
  1. This is not going to be “Marching Band” as you know it, at least not anytime soon. This will be an opportunity for us to gather, get to know each other (especially our new folks!), and learn marching band skills. We’ll just have to see where this can go performance-wise, but I do not anticipate a “show” in the traditional sense. AT LEAST it will be a chance to bank some skills for next season, maybe more – but I’d rather underpromise and overdeliver than vice-versa. 
  2. There are limitations on the size of our gatherings (total of 50), as well as a requirement of rehearsing in “pods” of no more than 10. All with physical distancing. We will have to plan creatively. 
  3. Face masks will be non-negotiable. CMS is providing us with specialized masks that can accommodate a wind instrument. 
  4. We will be required to screen each student before every rehearsal. 
  5. All rehearsals will be outdoors only.
Next steps:
  1. Expect a survey from me soon about how you feel about participating in marching band activities 
  2. Draft a calendar of practices, tentatively starting around November 5
  3. Determine staff availability
  4. Come up with fee structure so we can pay our staff
  5. Develop procedures for arrival and health screening
There is much to be done and many unanswered questions. I appreciate your patience as we figure out what this will all look like. If you just can’t STAND it, then find your equipment and start marching around the driveway! Post a video on the long-lost Hornline Google Classroom page or (dare I say it) the MPMM Facebook page. 
Hope you are all well! Hope to see a lot of you at our Band Boosters Meeting on Monday night (separate email forthcoming). 
Miss y’all. 
Mr. B